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Preventative Healthcare provides a complete range of Occupational Health and Health & Safety services.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Management Referrals

In-Service Health Assessments


To ensure that an individual is appropriate for a particular role a pre employment assessment can take the form of a clinical questionnaire or a full consultation and medical examination. When a potential employee unfortunately has a disability such an examination is essential to comply with Disability Discrimination legislation. Where there is a risk of a potential employee being exposed to a harmful substance or physical hazard this examination acts as a baseline for further in-service testing.

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Employee sickness can be very costly to any size of company and very disruptive for the employer. Occupational Health doctors and nurses are able to investigate each individual employee's case in a confidential and caring manner and provide managers with useful management information. This will include details of how long a member of staff is likely to be absent and what safeguards should be put in place when they are fit to return to work.

A member of staff may require regular medical assessments on their return. This can be done at work minimizing the time taken away from work to visit the doctor or hospital. In addition the return to work may be phased and supervised by the Occupational Health nurse or doctor.

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If you have identified significant hazards within your workplace from your Risk Assessments, Health Surveillance may be required. This could be a clinical questionnaire sent to your employees at risk and reviewed by an Occupational Health nurse. It may involve a more detailed medical examination and a series of tests carried out on a regular basis. Some positions require the employee to achieve a legal level of fitness and be assessed on a regular basis. For example, driving a Fork Lift Truck or a Heavy Goods Vehicle. Even office workers do not escape. If they use a computer on a regular basis they will require regular eye tests and training.

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