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THE PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE COMPANY (PHC) was created in 1987. Our staff claim many years collective experience within Occupational Health. PHC is composed of a multi-disciplinary team. The technical expertise and experience of our staff, the variety and size of our clients, and our national service ensures the company's capability of providing occupational health services in any environment. Currently PHC serves a wide variety of organisation in both the public and private sector. PHC believes in the importance of responding to a client's request in a disciplined and systematic manner and in paying attention to detail.


[Image] Preventative Healthcare was originally based on the New Hythe Business Park, just west of Maidstone in Kent. PHC's current National Headquarters are at ‘PHC House', situated on the 20/20 Business Park in Maidstone, conveniently by Junction 5 of the M20. PHC also has clinics in London and throughout the South East of England.


From the PHC House on the 20/20 Business Park, near Maidstone in Kent, Preventative Healthcare coordinates Occupational Health services for over 300 clients located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company works through its own clinics and staff and ‘PHC Partner' organizations providing Occupational Physicians, Occupational Health Nursing Staff and Health and Safety consultants.


PHC is geared towards responding flexibly to the need of the client company, as the types of services will vary. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to a client company culture and recognize that the requirements of a construction company, a firm of solicitors, a transportation company, a paper manufacturing company, and an NHS Trust are very different. Each working environment presents Occupational Health challenges which can only be comprehensively met by a multi-disciplinary Occupational Health team.

PHC seeks to agree with each client the service requirements and key criteria which are important to them. We also seek a regular review of such criteria to ensure that they are appropriate and required. Our systems ensure that such requirements are understood at all levels in the organisation. This allows us to respond to short term changes in requirements and urgent customer needs outside of the normal scope of operations and service specification.


[Image] Occupational Health is a people business! It is only through our people that we can provide a service to our customers. Our approach is that given the right environment and information, people will respond with their own desire to see a job well done.

We work to performance objectives and critical success factors at all levels in the company. Each individual's pay contains some element of incentive.

PHC has a strong commitment to communications and involving employees in planning and improving services. We invest in staff training at all levels.


PHC's relationships with its existing clients are excellent. We believe it is important that we maintain contact at all levels, and are happy for our performance to be measured. We seek to agree a service specification in order that we can manage our own performance by the same standards as our customers. Such criteria are reviewed as part of a regular contract review process which enables us to respond appropriately to an organisation's changing needs and requirements.


[Image] PHC is a limited company owned completely by staff/directors with medical or administrative responsibility for the day to day running of the company.

PHC has no borrowing commitments. It has been funded by direct investment by directors and has grown generically. Most importantly, the financial security of Preventative Healthcare is assured for the next three to five years by current contracts with our major clients.


PHC provides Occupational Health assessments throughout the UK and Ireland coordinated from one booking number ensuring an easy and efficient service for our client companies.

PHC is happy to make senior staff available to meet prospective clients who wish to visit our premises.

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